Timothy King Architecture is a multi-disciplined Auckland based architectural Design practice located in Ellerslie, specializing in residential architecture. We strives to create buildings that are aesthetically pleasing that respond directly to the needs of the people who use them.


Timothy King Architecture is a client focused company committed to providing excellence in all project outcomes meeting all elements of the brief in terms of design,program and budget.

We design buildings that integrate delicately with the natural landscape, ensuring minimal environmental impact whilst maximizing a strong design focus on style, quality and function. Taking design inspiration in architecture and blending it harmoniously with modern methods and technology we are creating a new generation of New Zealand structures which are sustainable, fascinating yet functional and visually pleasing.




Timothy King has eleven years experience locally and internationally in all sectors of design and architecture. He graduated with a Diploma in Architectural Technology in 2006 before departing to London to work on  major international projects, including Wolverton Train Station and Kilburn Highroad Apartments. Tim Returned to New Zealand in 2010 to work on a variety of projects from hotels, commercial, residential and public facilities prior to starting his own practice in 2017.

Tim provides all clients with the best quality of service, no matter the project size! He is passionate about forming close working relationships to ensure all elements of the brief are met. Tim creates designs that take form, function, style and material quality and adhere them to the specific characteristic of each site.

Timothy King Architecture is an Auckland architect, architectural design and draftsman practice located in Ellerslie. We are experts in New zealand house design, with Auckland draftsman who know construction and the building code thoroughly to produce building consents and resource consents suitable for all types of construction.

Timothy King.



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